We Buy Vintage & Modern Fishing Tackle Collections

We Are Your Tackle Collection Solution!

We Buy Vintage & Modern Fishing Tackle Collections

We Are Your Tackle Collection Solution!


We Buy Vintage Fishing Tackle Collections Modern and Vintage Fishing Rods and Reels for more than a decade.

We also buy quality fishing items such as:

  • Tackle Boxes & Lures
  • Bamboo Fly Rods
  • Fly Boxes
  • Fishing Gadgets
  • Nets and Knives

About Us

We have been buying and selling vintage tackle and other fishing-related items for more than a decade. We started with just one collection of old tackle that turned into a lot of contacts, and another even bigger collection to sell…we were hooked! Now we have a global base of repeat clientele and often get special requests. As you can imagine, sourcing product can sometimes be tricky. We realized that we needed a better way to reach more people with a fishing tackle collection that's accumulated over time, either by a loved one or a collection of their own, and have nowhere to sell it for a fair price.

What We Do

At The Tackle Collection, we buy your fishing tackle and pass your items on to other collectors who will appreciate and admire each piece, or enthusiasts who will enjoy fishing with your items for years to come. Besides Rods & Reels, we’re also interested in, Tackle Boxes & Lures, Old Bamboo Fly Rods, Fly Boxes, Creels, Nets, Knives, and other Fishing Related Items.

Our Process

Our process often starts with a phone call to discuss your needs. You can also get started by sending us an email to info@tacklecollection.com. If possible include some photos of your collection so we can take our process to the next level. If you're a Colorado resident and your collection is difficult to transport, perhaps we can come to you or arrange for shipment. We offer a fair price based on your collection’s marketability and quick turn around on special consignment items.


Connect With Us

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